Blu Monkey Hub & Hotel Krabi Town, a stylish and modern architecture and cutting-edge design, beautifully portrays the local Krabi narrative through wall murals, using striking yellow and black hues to create a visual storytelling experience. At this Krabi Town hotel incorporates creative workspaces for guests and the urban community to share. The hotel is more than just a place to stay; it’s a story of Krabi culture, creativity, and community.

The easy going Blu Monkey lifestyle is friendly and a Blu Pool to chill out under the sun. For those who seek to maintain their fitness routine even while away from home, Blu Gym emerge with newfound energy.

Enjoy the freedom of our self-service concept, with 24-hour Monkey Desk assistance and an all-night Monkey Hub with super-fast Wi-Fi. There is no hurry, our local breakfast is available all morning followed by a complimentary afternoon selection. Located on Maharaj Road in the heart of Krabi Town. Blu Monkey Hub & Hotel Krabi Town has 58 rooms, is close to many restaurants, cafe, bars and attractions – grab yourself a Monkey Map and go explore!

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